The Difference Between Biohazard and Medical Waste Disposal

The Difference Between Biohazard and Medical Waste Disposal

biohazard waste disposal, medical waste disposalHealthcare facilities are required to train their employees on the different types of waste, and the disposal methods of each type. The two main differences that all employees must be aware of include medical waste disposal and biohazard waste disposal. Facilities should have biohazard containers that are easily identifiable. However, it’s always a good thing to have a refresher on the types of waste and the disposal methods of each, so there is no confusion. A minor mistake could lead to some major health consequences no one wants to deal with.

Identifying Biohazardous Waste

Biohazardous waste can be in dry form, liquid form, sharps, anatomical specimens or body parts, among others. You should have biohazard containers specifically for these different objects, and those containers should be clearly identified. To take it a step further, the containers should be set away from other waste disposal containers, so the waste doesn’t accidentally get thrown into the wrong bin.

Since biohazardous waste could include infectious agents, viruses, bacteria, blood, bodily fluids or anything else, it’s easy to see how infections could spread. When you know you’re dealing with biohazard waste disposal it will force you to be more aware of how to dispose of it properly.

Identifying Medical Waste

In general, medical waste doesn’t contain contaminated cultures. This type of waste includes empty containers, dry bandages, dried blood or any other material that is not biohazardous. It’s still important to understand that the disposal of medical waste should be treated differently from regular garbage cans. While the risks of creating airborne contaminants with medical waste aren’t as high compared to biohazardous waste, you still need to treat the waste with proper care.

Choosing Biohazard or Medical Waste Disposalbiohazard waste disposal

When you’re dealing with biohazardous or medical waste disposal, you have to keep many things in mind. First and foremost, have the biohazard containers clearly labeled, so there is no confusion. You should also have the containers as far away from patients as possible, to reduce the risk of spreading infections.

The best thing healthcare facilities can do is, choose the most reputable biohazard waste removal service company. You will be provided with the containers you need and can guarantee both types of waste will be handled with the proper care. At the same time, your facility will remain compliant with all of the waste guidelines.

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