Your Regulated Medical Waste Expert

MedSharps is your regulated Medical Waste Expert and is proud to provide our customers with the industries best and most reliable biohazard containers. These containers are picked up from your facility discreetly without interrupting office staff. They are then securely transported to our fully-licensed biohazard autoclave treatment facility. Upon completion of the treatment process we dispose of the biohazardous waste in the proper manner according to regulations.

Our Medical Waste Management Services Include:

Medical Waste Removal

Disposal of medical waste comes with a variety of risks as many items used and discarded by medical professionals are classified as infectious or bio-hazardous and could potentially lead to the spread of infectious disease. Our employees are licensed, trained and certified to provide safe, sanitary and efficient removal, and disposal of a full range of all medical waste products.

Medical Waste Treatment

In 2010, MedSharps introduced the area’s only large-scale Autoclave for waste disposal and treatment. Known as both the most effective and environmentally friendly option available, the autoclave single-handedly sterilizes all waste through steam while also greatly reducing the risk of exposure as the materials have less of a journey to travel to be disposed or treated.

Single Use & Reusable Sharps Containers

As a means to create a more environmentally friendly solution to medical sharps disposal, MedSharps is delighted to offer reusable sharps containers with a lifespan of 100+ uses. MedSharps transports the containers safely off site, removes the sharps, washes and sanitizes the containers, and then promptly sends them back to your facility for its next 100+ uses.

Medical Waste Containment Products

MedSharps is proud to offer a variety of medical waste containers to fit your facility’s specific needs. From HazMat materials to removed body organs, we are fully equipped with compliant, government approved containers that will serve their purpose well. MedSharps also takes full responsibility of transporting these containers, their sanitation standards, and replacing the containers.

24/7 On-Demand Customer Service

We understand the importance of security when it comes to your company’s documents and realize the burden that comes with with their proper disposal. A single compromised file could quickly lead to a series of catastrophic results that no company, big or small, can afford to encounter.


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