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How to Properly Dispose of Household Medical Waste

Do we have anything to worry about when it comes to dumping medical supplies in the trash? Harvard researchers think so.

Pharmaceuticals and medical waste that gets into water sources impacts wildlife. It can cause injuries, sterility, and even spread disease.

Are you wondering what impact your used needles are having on the environment? Are you not sure how to dispose of medical waste the right way? Learn everything you need to know about proper medical waste disposal below.

Why You Should Never Throw Medical Waste in the Trash

Used needles are biohazards. When thrown away with other trash, they can stick other humans or animals. This prick can lead to injuries and even spread disease.

You should never throw used needles in the trash because they can poke through plastic trash bags. If they reach a landfill, then they could poke unsuspecting humans or animals.

3 Ways to Dump Medical Trash

So, it’s not a great idea to get rid of needles by putting them with your household trash. What are the best ways to dispose of sharps and other medical waste then?

The first thing you need to do is discipline yourself. Never leave sharps out in the open after using them. Instead, put them in a container the moment after you use it. This important step will prevent unexpected cuts and sticks.

Once your container is about three-quarters full, it’s time to dispose of it and get a new one. Never reuse needle disposal containers. Instead, learn the three different places to dump them below.

1. Mail-Back Programs

One way to get rid of sharps in a safe way is to use a mail-back program. Here’s how the MedSharps mail-back program works:

  • You order a sharps container
  • Fill the container with used sharps
  • Put the container in a pre-paid shipping box
  • UPS will collect the package

We’ll pick up your waste at a time that fits your schedule. We can come by as often as you need. Whether you need your trash collected every week or every month, we’ll do what’s convenient for you.

Upon collection, MedSharps takes care of everything else. We’ll dispose of the container’s contents at no extra cost to you.

2. Household Hazardous Waste Collection Areas

Call your local hazardous waste collection site. Sometimes, they’ll let you drop off your sharps containers.

3. Special Residential Pick-Up Services

This option isn’t available to everyone, but some communities offer pick-up services. There’s usually a significant fee because specialists need to collect the sharps.

Disposing of Medical Waste the Right Way

For many of us, medical waste is inevitable. The destruction of our habitat doesn’t have to be, though. We have the power now to make a change and start disposing of medical trash the right way.

Do you have more questions about our medical waste disposal services? Are you interested in getting started on a proper disposal plan? Reach out to us now on our online form to request a free quote or get more information about our services.