Grey’s Anatomy OSHA Violations You Didn’t Know About

Grey’s Anatomy OSHA Violations You Didn’t Know About

3 Times Grey’s Anatomy Got It Wrong


For years, viewers loved to watch the drama play out at Seattle Grace Hospital. As fun as it is to follow the daily trials and tribulations of the doctors and nurses on Grey’s, was it very realistic?


Look how happy Meredith is. It’s great that there’s a sharps container in the exam room and it’s definitely out of the reach of small children; however, there are a couple of serious issues with this placement. The container is directly over the rubber glove dispenser and that could pose a problem if the container leaks. It’s also slightly too high for workers to properly place contaminated sharps safely inside. OSHA has specific guidelines on container placement, and MedSharps can help you find a convenient and compliant spot for your sharps containers.


Brain surgery is a breeze on the TV show. What’s harder for the doctors? Ordering dinner or where to put all the blood-soaked bandages and gauze. Blood-borne pathogens are a serious issue, so it’s important to have a clearly-labeled red biohazard bag in any room where waste could be created.





Meredith looks shocked here. Maybe she just found out her latest love is her cousin, or maybe she’s shocked that the waste bins are full and haven’t been disposed of yet. Overflowing medical waste bags and bins that sit around in the office put everyone at risk. Even a new intern will tell you infectious disease is serious business. Seattle Grace should update their medical waste management plan and hire a service that will haul away those bags on a regular basis and dispose of them properly.


In the real world, MedSharps takes medical waste management seriously. Our medical waste and sharps bins exceed industry standards and we will keep you HIPAA and OSHA compliant, ensuring the safety of your staff and patients. Let us customize a plan just for you.

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