The Problem

Each year, some 8 million home syringe users administer at least 3 billion injections outside of traditional health care facilities. The vast majority are “at home” injections for diabetes, allergies, arthritis, migraines, HIV and other medical issues.

These needles are then tossed into the public solid waste systems –  trash cans, old milk cartons and plastic bottles…; flushed down the toilet; or discarded in ways (often unknowingly) that pose a serious risk of injury, infection and contamination to people and the enviornment when containers break open or are mistakenly sent to the wrong facilities. The headlines are filled with horror stories of janitors, housekeepers, beach goers even children who have been seriously injured by discarded needles. Many other people have come in contact with used needles on sorting stations of your local waste management centers before going to the landfill.  These individuals are unnecessarily placed at risk.


The Solution – Medsharps “Safe Sharps Mailback Program”

MedSharps has provided a solution to the overwhelming problem that has plegued many innocent individuals with being stuck by contaminated needles.
Through Medsharps “Safe Sharps Mailback Program” Individuals can purchase sharps containers of varring sizes and have these sharps containers mailed directly to their home, place of business… with free return shipping. At this point the container is filled with the sharps / needles. When the container is full close to being full, simply go online and order another sharps container if needed. Once the new sharps container arrives place your full container in it’s pre-paid shipping box and call your local UPS to come pick it up. Once MedSharps receives the sharps container the contentens will be treated and disposed of properly with not additional cost to the individual. To order your Sharps container today simply click here Safe Sharps Mailback Program