How MedSharps Is Prepared for the COVID-19 Medical Waste Surge

Hospital waste and other healthcare waste generated by such facilities equal roughly 2 million tons each year!

Hospital waste management is important for proper medical waste disposal in order to keep healthcare workers safe especially in today’s health crisis.

Medical waste management companies have to ensure the safety of the general public as well when performing the task of treating medical waste to where it is no longer infectious.

A side effect of the coronavirus pandemic you may not have thought about is an unprecedented amount of additional medical waste. Stick with us as we explore effective healthcare waste management solutions.

Medical Waste Preparedness and Solutions

Though the elimination of elective medical procedures has offset some of the rises in medical waste, the increase due to coronavirus is still a concern.

The increase we’re seeing comes from the use of additional personal protective equipment (PPE) and some non-traditional waste now being classified as regulated medical waste like food from COVID-19 positive patients.

Let’s look at how MedSharps has prepared for the surge.

Medical Waste Containers

In order for the contaminated waste to be properly disposed of, it needs to go into environmentally safe containers. MedSharp containers meet all OSHA requirements and guidelines for health and safety.

Carefully packaged waste protects everyone involved in the removal of medical waste.

We remove, wash, and sanitize our reusable sharps containers and return them to our clients safe and ready to use 100+ times.

Proper Staff Training and Protection

One of the most important factors in medical waste disposal is the protection of those in charge of handling the hospital and other medical waste.

MedSharps not only handles the disposal of waste, we evaluate and train our client’s staff to ensure that proper procedures are being followed. This is more important than ever.

Ensuring that our workers have the proper protective gear for the battle with coronavirus is also part of our operational perspective as well as keeping up with any changes to CDC recommendations regarding medical waste disposal.

Treatment of Medical Waste

We have a large-scale autoclave for waste disposal and treatment. An autoclave is a strong, heated container that uses high pressures and temperatures to sterilize all waste with steam.

This is the most effective way to deal with medical waste. It reduces the risk of exposure which is extremely important with the current coronavirus.

Medical Waste Services

Now that you’ve learned about the surge due to COVID-19, you want to be extra careful when disposing of medical waste. Do you know who can ensure that your medical waste management is in the right hands?

We at MedSharps ensure that our staff performs every service we offer in full compliance with local, state, and federal laws. Our safe and compliant service takes the liability off of you.

We have on-demand customer service. Our clients can check the progress of their waste disposal 24/7. Contact us for a quote today.

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