Safety Design Features of the Best Medical Waste Containers

medical waste containers, licensed medical waste disposal companiesDisease spread was rampant hundreds of years ago because society didn’t understand the importance of isolating soiled healthcare items, from linens to syringes. Today, licensed medical waste disposal companies must be involved with every healthcare facility. These companies maintain and empty all of the medical waste containers throughout a building and maintain health safety. It’s important for healthcare workers and regular citizens to understand the safety design features behind these innovative containers.

Molded Plastic

Every waste container is formed through injection-mold processes. Plastics are literally melted into the shape of a container during product production. This plastic has no seams for potential hazardous waste leak points. In fact, licensed medical waste disposal companies constantly evaluate their containers for any stress fractures or cracks. Containers are immediately discarded if they’re compromised in any way.

Locking Lids

The only seams or connection points on these containers should be where the lid meets the body. These lids are lockable types, depending on the manufacturer and design style. In fact, licensed medical waste disposal companies must open, close and test these locks whenever they empty the containers. No unauthorized person should be able to open these containers because of complex locking systems. As a result, no one can infect themselves with the contents inside.

Autoclave Ready

In many cases, medical waste containers are built for autoclave use. Some of the containers’ contents are often reusable, so professionals must be able to transfer these items easily and safely for sterilization. The container itself must be sterilized too, so that it can be placed back into service at an appropriate medical facility. All of these safe sterilization techniques couldn’t be achieved without strong medical containers securely holding the items.

Medical Waste Containers and Bright Coloring

Waste containers are built with bright coloring, so that they are visible from afar. Patients will know to stay away from these containers instead of mistaking them for a trash can, for example. Some medical facilities might color-code their containers for specific purposes, such as yellow, red or orange throughout a hospital setting.

When patients visit a healthcare facility, they should mentally note all of the medical waste containers that they encounter. Each one should be locked at all times, so that no one can be accidentally infected. Patients who are aware of their surroundings will know if their healthcare facility is following every safety protocol as dictated by the proper authorities.

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