Medical Waste Containers Protocol

medical waste containers

Medical Waste Containers Protocol

Medical waste containers are marvels of modern-day healthcare because they secure hazardous waste away from patients and employees. Without these containers, germs can easily spread and infect an entire facility. A major part to proper container use is partnering with reputable medical waste removal companies. These highly trained employees work with healthcare professionals as proper container protocols are followed with strict regard.

Empty Containers Preferred

Every container protocol begins with an empty vessel. Healthcare facilities are busy places, and workers don’t have time to monitor each container as it’s used. Each facility should have multiple medical waste containers as dictated by the patient load. In fact, medical waste removal companies should communicate on a constant basis with each facility about their volume. It’s possible that more containers might be needed as flu season arrives, for example.

Notifying Container Personnel

There should be a clear set of steps for full-container conditions. Each container has a maximum fill level that’s indicated on the outside housing. When healthcare workers notice a full container, they should notify their supervisor. Ideally, each container should be emptied frequently enough where no vessels become too full. In many cases, medical personnel may use one container more often than others. Don’t overfill the containers or else this compromises their safety locks.

Locking the Medical Waste Containers

Depending on the container’s design, some models have a locking mechanism. If a container becomes full and pickup day isn’t until tomorrow, healthcare professionals can lock the box closed. They may be able to pull it from the wall or counter, and replace it with an empty vessel. Any of these locking and removal policies should be spelled out in container protocols that are communicated to all healthcare employees.
Matching the Proper Personnel to the Site

Reputable medical waste removal companies have uniforms or company shirts that indicate their position. Healthcare workers should familiarize themselves with the company’s uniform or the dedicated individual who visits each week. A facility shouldn’t hand their waste to anyone asking for it. Only professionals can handle these harmful substances. Untrained individuals can easily become sick if they try to handle waste containers.

Medical waste removal companies are always appreciative of any feedback that healthcare workers can offer them. If nurses, doctors or other personnel notice an ongoing issue with any medical waste containers, they should call a meeting with the provider. Communication between professionals means that patients and healthcare workers are constantly safe from any harmful substances.

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