Medical Waste Collection: Do You Know About Today’s Latest Services?

Medical Waste Collection: Do You Know About Today’s Latest Services?

medical waste collection, biohazard wasteThe protocols that you follow when it comes to biohazard waste are a mixture of common sense, regulations and plain courtesy for your fellow man. No one wants to be exposed to harmful substances. With these facts in mind, it makes sense that numerous companies are popping up that offer waste services for every medical facility in the neighborhood. However, each company has its own services that can be limited. Familiarize yourself with today’s latest services that only top-notch, medical waste collection companies can provide. It’s more than just a drive-and-pickup service.

No Contracts Ever

One of the latest services that define the waste industry is the lack of contracts. You’re no longer tied to just one company for a year or longer. This detail may seem unbelievable to experienced medical workers. Contracts were commonplace in the past.

However, the medical waste collection industry is more competitive than ever. Giving each medical facility a chance to choose between providers on a regular basis only improves the service. The competition drives quality pickups and personalized care. Your service should never be compromised because of contracts binding you to a particular provider.

Easy Access to Customer Manifests

If you don’t remember when your last pickup service occurred, the biohazard waste company can answer that question. You don’t even have to call or schedule a meeting. Log into your account online. It might be 5 a.m., but your customer manifests are ready whenever you need them.

Read over the details of each pickup. It might describe the number of containers serviced or swapped out. Their location is also noted along with any unusual occurrences, such as compromised locks. You’ll know almost every move of the waste for your documenting needs.

Opt for Mailbackmedical waste collection, biohazard waste

Consider your biohazard waste needs when your facility is relatively small. If you don’t require a daily or weekly pickup schedule, a monthly pickup may be better suited for your needs.

In this case, try a mailback program. Your facility has a collective container that can be locked and boxed. Ship it off for processing whenever it’s full. Replace the container so that your operations continue to service patients. No pickup service is necessary, but the waste is still removed on a regular basis.

The Human Touch

When you call your waste service provider, you probably don’t want to listen to a recording or a robotic voice. You want a real person to answer your questions. Pick a company that keeps up with the human touch. Every incoming call should be answered by a person who is ready to help. They should be able to provide you with the answers to your questions so you can move on with the rest of your day.

Some questions are simple yet urgent. For this reason, a real person answering the phone can solve many issues quickly. If the person doesn’t have the exact answer to your question, they have a chance to find out the answer and get back to you quickly.

Insurance and Local Knowledge Included with Medical Waste Collectionmedical waste collection

Medical waste is both a state and federally controlled substance. There are many rules and regulations surrounding its storage and transport. Quality collection companies have insurance to cover any issues. They also have local knowledge that helps the community. Always pick a local agency so that specific laws are always followed.

Picking out the best medical waste collection company in the area may be difficult at first. MedSharps is a business that strives to please both healthcare workers and patients as waste becomes a background concern for everyone. Keep up with the latest regulations while remaining productive. Waste management should always be the top priority of collection agents.

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