How Bio-Hazardous Waste Removal Companies Manage Medical Waste

How Bio-Hazardous Waste Removal Companies Manage Medical Waste

bio-hazardous waste removal, regulated medical waste disposalBio-hazardous waste takes on many forms, but in general, the term refers to waste that is produced by health clinics. It can also come from places such as veterinarian offices and tattoo parlors as well. It is waste that must be handled in a special way since it could potentially be harmful to humans and to the environment. Safety is the priority when dealing with medical waste, so it is vital to use the services of a regulated medical waste disposal company to help keep everyone safe and keep your facility in compliance. There can be serious repercussions, both financially and legally, for those who do not follow all the regulations regarding medical waste. It’s a good idea to know just what it is that your professional bio-hazardous waste removal service provider does so that you are aware of how the process works.

Bio-hazardous Waste Removal Disposal Methods

Every kind of medical waste that is generated by a healthcare facility can fall under a certain category. Everything in a given category must be disposed of in the proper way. Here are some ways a regulated medical waste disposal company handles the waste.


With this method, extreme heat and pressure kill bacteria and microorganisms to render them harmless. While it can be used for waste that comes from bodily fluids and tissue, it will not work for pharmaceutical and chemical waste.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatments are for disposing of liquid waste. The technicians use it on site to decontaminate the substances and then transport what is left to another facility for destruction and disposal.

Microwave Treatment

This method works for materials that are in a state between solid and liquid. What it does is decontaminate waste using steam and extreme heat. Since the material is not completely dry, the heat can penetrate deeper into the material to make it harmless.


Just as the name implies, this method burns up medical waste. It is considered the most thorough method of bio-hazardous waste removal since it kills 99% of the dangerous components.

Land disposal

Land disposal is only an option for waste that has already undergone decontamination. The landfill is the final resting spot for much of the waste that is generated by healthcare facilities.

By using a medical waste disposal company such as MedSharps, you are ensuring that all your medical waste is handled safely and professionally. We will document every step of the process so that you can rest assured that your medical waste has been decontaminated and disposed of somewhere secure and safe.

There is no reason for your facility to not be compliant with all the laws and regulations surrounding medical waste disposal. There is an inherent risk to your staff and clients if the waste is not handled correctly. Not only that, but mishandled waste that infects a human being or causes damage to the environment will affect your reputation, and rightfully so. Not only will people potentially get sick, but you will suffer financial and legal losses because of it.

Make sure that your bio-hazardous waste removal procedures are in place and air-tight. Contact MedSharps today to provide you with regulated medical waste disposal services. Keep your staff, clients, the environment, and your clinic safe from the dangers of improperly handled medical waste.

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