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Bio-hazardous Waste Disposal Mistakes That Medical Professionals Should Avoid


Bio-hazardous Waste Disposal Mistakes That Medical Professionals Should Avoid

bio-hazardous waste disposalA large amount of the waste that is produced in healthcare facilities in the United States can be dangerous. It might be infectious, toxic, or radioactive. Therefore, it is very important for these facilities to follow proper bio-hazardous waste disposal procedures to ensure the safety of everyone. It is a responsibility that no medical facility manager should take lightly. This means using a professional medical waste service or even a medical waste autoclave to keep dangerous substances from harming patients, staff, the environment, or the community at large. Failure to properly handle medical waste can also lead to legal consequences and reputation loss. Here are some bio-hazardous waste disposal mistakes that medical professionals should be avoiding.

Not Using the Proper Bio-hazardous Waste Disposal Containersmedical waste autoclave

Containers are crucial for medical waste disposal. You cannot simply use any container you have lying around. Waste must be placed in containers that have been approved by the Department of Transportation. Not only that, but each category of waste must be placed in its appropriate container. Sharps must be placed in rigid, puncture-proof containers, for example. Even if you use a medical waste autoclave to sterilize the waste, it must still be placed in the right containers for pick up and shipping.

Not Providing Proper Training to Staff

All too often, the staff at medical facilities are not properly trained. This leads to mistakes and contamination. They should all full training on the use of containers and not mixing waste categories. They must also be able to properly fill out the required documentation before transport. If you have a medical waste autoclave, they should be able to operate it properly and safely. By working with a medical waste disposal company like Medsharps, we can fully train your staff, so you are compliant and safe.

Not Using the Proper Documentation

Even after waste leaves your facility, it is your responsibility to help keep track of it. This is why the manifest is so important. It is a federal law that with any medical waste shipment there is a proper manifest filled out by a staff member who is trained in DOT protocols. Your medical waste disposal service provider can provide you with the right documents and show you how to properly fill them out.

Not Trying to Reduce Medical Waste

One of the best ways to better manage your medical waste is by trying to reduce how much your facility produces. You can use washable gowns and sterilization trays, for instance. Sterilize reusable items in a medical waste autoclave.  Schedule pick up of your medical waste for a later time in the day when more waste has been accumulated.

Not Choosing the Right Waste Management Partner

Common medical waste disposal issues can be solved and prevented by hiring a professional medical waste disposal company. Medsharps is experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of medical waste management and will help you at every step of the way. We will do all that we can to help your facility comply with every law and regulation to avoid penalties and reputation loss.

Make sure you choose the right partner to help you avoid these bio-hazardous waste disposal mistakes. Keep your facility clean and safe should be your top priority.

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