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5 Benefits of Working With a Local Medical Waste Management Company

Hospitals produce about 2 pounds of hazardous waste per bed, per day. And this only represents about 15% of the overall waste produced per bed. To inhibit the spread of disease and minimize the risk of infection, safe medical waste management is vitally important for any medical facility.

Working with a medical waste company is an excellent way to make sure this happens appropriately. While it can seem easy to pick one of the big names in the business and be done with it, that may not always be the best choice. Check out these 5 reasons why you should work with a local company instead.

Save Time

Don’t get us wrong, large, out-of-state companies are efficient. They have to be to run a working waste disposal business. However, there are a few areas where they can’t compare.

For example, if you have an emergency with your waste you’ll first spend time on hold trying to get to the right person to handle your problem. Then, a lot of time may go by before they can mobilize and present a solution. A local company, while still having to run through the same logistics, won’t be constrained by distance and can offer a faster solution.

Save Money

While the cost isn’t necessarily your highest priority, it’s a big benefit to look for the cheapest medical waste disposal companies. These are often your local companies rather than working with a big, out-of-state one.

Transportation costs can push up the cost of waste disposal significantly. While a large company may be able to offer bulk discounts, the savings may be mitigated by how far they have to transfer the waste.

Support the Local Community

Working with any local business helps to grow the economy of your area, creates jobs, and strengthens your community. A smaller, local company will take greater pride in providing exceptional service to your medical facility.

You can also take pride in the fact that you work with a local company. Your community will see this as a way that you are trying to be responsible, both with the environment and with serving the community and keeping it clean and safe.

Compliance with Local Rules

State regulations surrounding the proper handling and disposal of medical waste vary. Local medical waste management companies are fully versed in your area’s rules so you can rest-assured that you are in compliance.


Local medical waste pickup companies tend to be the most convenient. Being located closer makes the logistics easier for them. While an out-of-state company can have things down to a science, they are more vulnerable to traffic problems or other unforeseen circumstances.

A local company is less likely to run into logistics problems. Plus, if you need an extra pickup, it’s a simple phone call away.

Safe, Secure Medical Waste Management

Proper medical waste management has always been vitally important. Disposing of needles, blood, and other contaminated waste must be handled properly or your community can suffer.

Medical waste companies are held to a high standard and we seek to exceed it and provide the best service to our customers. Looking for a new company? Contact us today to learn about our highly efficient disposal programs.