So, you’ve decided on Texas as your next vacation destination. The lure of the southwest is summoning you. With its vibrant past, diverse heritage, world famous attractions, San Antonio Texas welcomes guests to fall in love with what’s vintage while diving into what’s cutting-edge. It’s bursting with historic and cultural tours, art galleries, exceptional dining and shopping, and of course, fun and games. With a population of just over 1.5 million, this southern city has it all. The top three things to cross off your Texas bucket list should be the impressive River Walk, The Alamo, and the adventurous San Antonio Panic Room. Out of the three, the San Antonio Panic Room (SAPR) remains a totally immersive experience that you will never forget. Located at 12770 Cimarron Path, Suite 104, San Antonio, Texas 78249, this adventure game is unique and engaging. San Antonio Panic Room (SAPR) Is a room escape entertainment game. These escape rooms have gained popularity on every continent and has absolutely reeled San Antonio in. SAPR currently consists of three rooms to immerse you and your team in. Room #1 is Cabin Fever, where your group is under the mercy of a brutal snow storm. Room #2 is Prison Break, where you are handcuffed in jail while the sheriff is away. Room #3 is Phase III: Human Trials, where your team is kidnapped by a demented surgeon and injected with a toxic drug. The chances of discovering a cure and escaping are low. These rooms have a success rate of 29% and a difficulty level of 75%.

Team Building Events That Forces You To Bond

CreSan Antonio Panic Roomated with intentions of developing a breathtaking way to congregate with friends and coworkers and cultivate team building techniques, the SAPR will live up to its name. So, what makes it fun? You get the privilege of engaging with a group of real people. You will be performing in the tangible world, not behind a computer screen. These activities stimulate your brain, while time pressure heightens the excitement. The steps to play are simple. 1. Gather your group – Get your companions and pick your date and time. 2. Select your game – Pick the room you might want to play and reserve your spot! 3. Discover the clues and hints – Solve the puzzles as time ticks away and the pressure mounts! 4. Get out of that room – Utilize the keys and clues to decode the game and make your break before your hour runs out!

Testimonials for Prison Escape and Phase III

“We had so much fun! Very challenging room. Being handcuffed made this experience unique. We will definitely be back to try the other rooms!” “We had a great time! Emma was a great attendant and gave good hints. Would love to go back and try the other 2 rooms.” At $25 per person, the San Antonio Panic Room represents a fabulous method to break the ice and become more acquainted with your associates. Through shared encounters and cooperation, you will take part in one of the most compelling leadership and colleague building activities to date. Next up, The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum More info here,