MedSharps Opens Medical Waste Treatment Facility in San Antonio Area

335da081fa43867952e740944cc8568cMedSharps has opened a commercial steam autoclave in Schertz that will be able to treat medical waste from San Antonio area hospitals and clinics.

Autoclaving is a high-pressure steam sterilization method that kills bacteria on medical instruments. MedSharps operates an autoclave that is large enough to process 13,500 pounds of waste each day.

Before this facility opened, medical waste generated from area health facilities had to be shipped to authorized facilities in Bastrop or Port Arthur, Texas, for proper disposal.

MedSharps, a division of Schertz-based Marshall Shredding Co., has worked to become compliant with state and federal regulations regarding the transport and treatment of medical waste. The company will market its services to health clients throughout San Antonio and South Texas. MedSharps also has the ability to properly destroy sensitive medical documents.