The San Antonio River Walk is five miles long and consists of restaurants, bars, stores and many more outlets for entertainment. Located in the downtown area, the river walk in San Antonio is full of food, music, friends and endless fun. Whether it’s day or night, you’ll find som-San Antonio Riverwalkething to do. You can go shopping, drinking, dancing or whatever your thing is. There are also hotels and spas to stay in along the river walk, giving you the chance to experience it all twenty four seven. You can explore the San Antonio River Walk until you no longer have the energy for it. And if the social scene isn’t for you, you can enjoy a casual stroll along the river. There are both modern and historic hotels, giving you views of the river walk and downtown San Antonio. They’ll provide you with the relaxation you need once your day of fun has come to an end. With pools, restaurants and bars, these hotels (which one of them is also a spa) offer five star service. If you want to experience San Antonio’s river walk to the fullest, book a stay at one of these hotels. There are various stores and boutiques along the San Antonio River Walk to meet your shopping needs. From clothes to jewelry to chocolate, you’re sure to find a souvenir that catches your eye. San Antonio has so much history to be shared and you’re bound to see plenty of it throughout the river walk. The river walk includes a Mexican market that’s welcoming to locals and tourists. It has everything you need to stay occupied throughout the day and more. The river walk has a variety of different restaurants for whatever it is you’re in the mood for. You’ll be able to find burgers, steak, barbeque and other Southern style cuisine. There are restaurants suitable for the whole family and bars for a group of friends. Whatever adult beverage you happen to be in the mood for, it’ll be available. It won’t matter if it’s in the middle of the afternoon or midnight. Of all the entertainment options offered by the river walk, obviously river boat tours are included. This way you’ll be at the center of it all and can comfortably take it all in. Perhaps something will catch your eye that you’ll want to check out once the tour is over. There are also bicycles and scooters available to make sightseeing easier and more enjoyable. Riverwalk If you’re planning a trip to Texas, you can consider San Antonio’s river walk for a place to stay. The river walk will give you plenty to do along with everything else in the downtown area. You’re sure to have the southern experience you may be looking for. The river walk is sure to have everything you were expecting from the trip and maybe even something you’ll be surprised to find. Whether you end up in a hotel along the river walk or not, it’s definitely worth a visit. For both business and leisure trips. Next up, Natural Bridge Caverns Learn more,