San Antonio Botanical Garden

One of the most popular cities in Texas is San Antonio. It has more places to explore and things to do than you may think. The obvious things are the famous Alamo that was built back in 1718. You can walk through the walls of historic times and read all about the events that took place there. Walking out, you will be amazed that it still stands. After that, you can cross the street and walk around the corner and have a full day at the San Antonio River Walk. This popular waterway is lined with places to shop and dine. You can take a boat ride through it all. Watch the shows as you float by, and why not jump off the boat and stay for a little fun after dark. Go grab yourself a margarita at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville and have fun dancing the night away.

Visiting a Peaceful Place

The next day, you

may be looking for a peaceful getaway. Somewhere you can relax and listen to the birds’ sing while watching the flowers bloom. If that is the case for you, then you cannot skip venturing out to the San Antonio Botanical Garden. Walk through t

he native plants and learn about how to take care of these beautiful plants by learning how to maintain the environment they flourish in. There are many things to

learn as you stroll through the San Antonio Botanical Garden, so you might want to take a few guided tours or if you like to be as free as the birds that nest there, you may walk through the garden by yourself if you schedule it with the staff.

There is Nothing Like a Little Flower Power

Do you smell that? You will know when you enter the flower gardens at the San Antonio Botanical Garden, the aroma of the roses and snapdragons are nestled in place in their specific gardens amongst many other beautiful types of floral fantasy gardens. So many flowers to see and smell, you may feel like you are in a sweet dream of vibrant colors and aromas.

Rules, Rates, and Hours of Operation

As you can tell, there is a lot to do in and around San Antonio. However, if you are not on a long vacation and have limited time, I do believe the 38-acre San Antonio Botanical Garden will be your must-see. The opening hours vary. Monday through Friday the gardens open at 11am. It closes at 3pm on Monday through Wednesday and stays open to 7pm Thursday and Friday. It opens earlier on Saturday and Sunday – 9am and closes at 5pm. The General admission is twelve dollars for adults and nine dollars for children three to thirteen. Children under three can enter the gardens free of charge and senior citizen and military discounts are available, as well as, discounts for students with a student id. Come decide to spend a day at the Botanical Garden. Bring a picnic lunch or eat at the cafe. Photos are allowed if you stay on the paths. No pictures of special events that may be taking place at the time of your visit should be captured by regular visitors. All other commercial photography or media related filming will need to be referred to the Director of Marketing. So, if you are in the area, you will not regret taking a drive to 555 Funston Place to see the many bounties of mother nature. Flowers, Birds, Plants, Serenity. You will experience it all while visiting the Gardens. Next inline, San Antonio RiverWalk More info here,