Anytime is a great time to visit the San Antonio and see what this beautiful city in Texas has to offer. One of the best places to visit is the San Antonio Aquarium. It doesn’t matter if you are a native of San Antonio, Texas or a visitor; family fun can be had by all at the aquarium. When you visit the aquarium, you can see many extraordinary animals up close and personal. Some of the animals there include; tropical fish, sharks, toucans, lemurs and an amazing octopus. In addition to seeing interesting animals, you can get up close and personal to touch some of the animals that are on display.

The aquarium is not just for sea creatures, you can also enjoy seeing hopping kangaroos and jumping lemurs enjoying their daily routine, as you sneak a peek. Kids and adults will love the bird sanctuary where there are many different species of birds. Visitor’s at the San Antonio Aquarium can feed and touch the exotic birds, such as the vividly colored macaw or even the African crowned crane. You can even have a parakeet, or a macaw sit on your shoulder and tickle your ear for fun.

One of the most notable things to see at the aquarium is the Giant Pacific Octopus and the Glowing Jellyfish. Both can be found in our native waters, but here at the aquarium you can see them up close. As you continue your tour you will see the colorful corals and be in awe and full of amazement. In addition to seeing the ecosystem below us, staff will educate you as you are passing by each showcase of how each animal is important to our ecosystem below us. The aquarium is not just about sites it is also about learning, which is great for children.

In addition to the aquatic life, the aquarium also has a rainforest exhibition. Here you will see amazing exotic reptiles and amphibians in their natural habitat, while the staff educates you on each animal. One of the amazing animals on display, is the iguana. Here you can learn about its diet and the interesting facts about this exotic animal. You will also see slithering reptiles right in front of your face. Watch out! There is an awesome boa constrictor, don’t get caught in its gaze or coil. Kids can also enjoy, for an extra price, the I-Guana Jump Bounce House as an extra treat. The I-Guana Jump Bounce House also offers additional activities, such as: Jousting, air basketball, and slides.

So anytime you are visiting San Antonio, make it a great time for the entire family. Stop by and visit the San Antonio Aquarium; where every site is a treat for your eyes. This is an activity where the entire family can enjoy learning, seeing, and touching awesome creatures that exist in our world. The San Antonio Aquarium is fun filled for all, come out and enjoy an exquisite day at the aquarium. What are you waiting for…let’s go!


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