Finding outdoor activities for the family to indulge in can be pretty hard to come up with. Some family members may waNatural Bridge CAvernsnt to go shopping while others just want to head to the park. If you want to try something truly exciting with your family, why not do a new thing? What about exploring an interesting part of nature? You could take your family to Natural Bridge Caverns for a fun time exploring caves. This particular place has many activities that everyone in your family can try and they are affordable. You can find the caverns in San Antonio Texas. It is only 30 mins for the north side of downtown and you can take the I 35 to the 175 exits to get there. It does not matter how old you are, there is something for everyone. Plus, your children will wear themselves out enjoying all of the fun-filled activities.

Why Choose The Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns has so much to offer that you can not finish in a day. You get to explore a cavern that was found by four college kids. The cavern is about 60 feet under a bridge with a lot of passages underneath. This discovery is the reason it became a huge attraction. Plus, we are talking about seeing one of nature’s greatest achievements.


What Are The Activities Available

There are activities that everyone can do. One of them is to take the Discovery Tour. With this tour, you get to travel 180 feet below the surface to see a beautiful site. You get to see formations, stalactites, and soda straws. You can do the Natural Bridge CavernsHidden Passages tour which features a special surprise when you get deep enough to see the lights turned off. Combining both of these tours together will create a whole experience in itself. The Lantern Tour includes stairs and a lighted lamp for you to be able to see cave ribbons and enjoy going into the different rooms. If you like the idea of hiking and climbing, then the Adventures Tour is right for you. Some people have a huge adrenaline rush that they can fix by going on the Canopy Challenge. This is an explorer rope course that requires you to scale 47 different obstacles in only 30 minutes. For those of you that like to stay fit and challenged at the same time, this would be your attraction to have with. You can even do the Canopy zipline afterward where you will be high above the trees enjoying the beautiful views below.


Other Activities

Your children can do the Sky Tykes which is similar to the Canopy zipline but safer. Your children will get a glimpse of what it is like to be in the air but they will be on benches trying to get the hang of the gliding method. You get to be there to help with their confidence and balance do that they would want to have this kind of fun on their own. There are other activities available that you and the family will want to explore aside from these. This attraction in San Antonio has everything. Of course, you do have to purchase tickets for these activities but they are very affordable and worth it when it comes to your family. You can even head to the Cavern Cafe for a delicious lunch.

Bring your family for a day out of exploring nature and doing activities that will have them wanting to come back. You will be glad for the memories that were made. Get to San Antonio for the caverns now.


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